Saturday, 13 March 2010

So simple even dad gets it!!

Treating men like idiots is now an absolute staple for TV advertising. It's so prevalent that The Now Show on BBC Radio 4 even did a sketch on it this week.

I thought I'd try to blog about every blatantly anti-male ad I see so that the feminists can see that women are not the only one who have to face sexist advertising.

Today's "Biggest Bigots in Advertising" award goes to Vaillant heating systems, whose current TV ad ends with the line

"So simple even dad understands it"

So this company thinks it will actually curry favour with its customers by claiming that in all families, dad is the thick one. And presumably they'll have done their research, meaning they're probably right! So it's not just that the ad is sexist - it's that their research shows a large part of their potential customer base (namely the entire United Kingdom) probably is as well.