Tuesday, 3 November 2009

"Silly Old Fool" Gets himself murdered

The dreadful UK paper The Daily Mail has an interesting feature whereby people can comment on articles. It can be enlightening - and often pretty depressing - to hear people's thoughts.

Recently there have been two stories about men who have killed their wives after the breakup of their relationship. As you would expect, the readers' responses showed their disgust and shock at the murders of these women.

Now we have a similar story but the victim is a man. He was bludgeoned to death, then set on fire, possibly while still alive. Just read through the comments and see how very different people's response is to the death of a man.

The phrase 'silly old fool' is repeated again and again. Two of the most repugnant responses were "Serves the old fool right". Which so far has promted a net 53 readers to register their approval of that comment.

Another completely repellent response was "he was 76, so why did she get life imprisonment.? she should have gotten the amount of years he would realistically have had left to live.. seems fair to me..."

Danni, from Thailand, blames Western men in general for such killings, and states "when Western men stop seeing Asian and African women as sexual toys then these fataliies will stop". In other words, 'they' have it coming to them and it is up to them to redress their behaviour if they want to avoid being murdered.

Can anyone, possibly, imagine comments like these in reaction to the brutal murder of a woman by her husband? I am well aware that hatred of men is widespread and deep-seated. But I'm constantly amazed at how deep it really is.

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  1. I've since noticed that many of the most unpleasant comments have been removed from this thread. But hiding these attitudes doesn't make them go away.